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UX/UI & Product Design

I design products & tools that are discoverable, rational and beautiful. As a product leader I drive technical insight and business alignment necessary to deliver an exceptional product experience for millions of users.  

knowledge & skills
strong expertise in production and technical software
always learning new things

















about me
about me
I have always had a genuine desire to create. Software Design provides me with an opportunity to create while directly applying my values of inclusion and empathy within the creative community. I bring this philosophy with me in every project: An emphasis on the power and process of creation and the creative individual

The interfaces I design are the sum of the choices  and ideas of the passionate people I work with every day. The job of a healthy design culture is to turn ideas and goals into legible, ethical, and human focused products. 

A well designed product, like a good product designer, considers design from many perspectives. I am passionate about identifying and solving the right problems for a product, workflow or feature. Through empathy, system thinking, and a solid problem-solving processes, I centre human experience and design interfaces and products that service, inform and empower users.
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photo by jordan tarrant

intuitive & knowledge-driven

work history 

I’m an intuitive, knowledge-driven designer with a unique and insightful point of view. I am dedicated to empowering people, to helping them connect with their own creativity. I have worked mostly with creative software -- drawing to photography to writing and virtual reality. I design products and experiences that help users discover and talk about the world around them.. Currently, I'm improving the user interface, user experience and mental model of the products at Backlight Creative, helping to create products people can love - weather they are designing games or writing films.



Principal Designer 

Interpret business needs and customer feedback into effective UI  & UX. Collaborate with senior stakeholders and create product concepts as well as translate feature requirements in interaction and visual designs for several types of product offering. Develop product concept and vision, system prototypes, user flows, final design assets, hi-fidelity mock-ups and lightweight design specifications for production of everything from film & television production as well as game and VR narrative design and management. 

Also responsible for planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating all the UI and workflow design for Cetlx. Developed working style guides and UI toolkit.


Fine Art Photographer

Freelance & Instruction 

Concept creation, execution, post and publication of fine art portrait photography with a focus on gender and sexuality. I have given various lectures, workshops, and shows of photography & self-portraiture. 


Writer, Personal Essayist 

freelance publication  

A writer is someone who writes, which I do, all the time. Mostly I write personal essays and non-fiction about chronic illness, Lupus and chronic pain as well as Gender & Sexuality. I also write (short) fiction and poetry. 



Autodesk Sr. UI / UX Designer

Lead UI and UX designer of hugely popular photo editor. In addition to all user interfaces and workflows for a suite of apps, websites and desktop products several hundred graphic elements and photo editing actions were also designed and created  

to present

Backlight Creative 

Principal and Solo Designer for GEM & Celtx

part of a strategic acquisitions of five innovative and fast-growing media software businesses: ftrack, iconik, Celtx, Wildmoka, and Zype by Backlight, a media technology company investing over $200 million. Backlight’s mission is to serve media, entertainment, and video-forward customers with cloud-based solutions that dramatically improve every step of the media content lifecycle

Managed UX and System Design across scrum teams in an agile environment as principal & lead designer, while delivering design services and documentation to two active scum teams as a team member. Mentoring new designers and emerging designers across multiple disciplines. 

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